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We understand that the more lives we can positively impact, the better our society will be.  And we understand that we have a responsibility to do what we can to help build more constructive values in our society.

We can create opportunities for children to achieve more success.  We can provide positive influence and direction for kids.  We can help kids make more constructive choices to build successful lives.

At Huddle Up for Kids Foundation, we’re building creative and effective relationships and strategies with other organizations that share our vision of “Building Better Tomorrows for Kids.  Today.”   Through these relationships, we’re providing grass-roots initiatives with the help of Pro athletes, corporate partners and business professionals to provide kids with opportunities, skills and mind-sets to build more productive and happier lives.

We know you’ve had success in your life, and that there have been folks along your path that have helped you.  We’re asking you to be a difference-maker in the life of a child that has significant barriers to success in their life.

Success lives in your mind.  First, you must plant the seed, then nurture it so it can continue to blossom.  We’re all about planting that seed and helping it to grow.

To whom much is given, much will be required.  We hope you’ll decide to make a difference in a kids life with your generous contribution.  You just never know how what you do or say, today, might affect the lives of many, tomorrow.

On behalf of kids across America that deserve a better chance, and a better tomorrow, thank you!!  You’ve made a difference!

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